The Programme

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Map of Al-Hasakah

For over twelve years, native speakers of English have been invited to Al-Hasakah in north-eastern Syria to devise and deliver a three week language programme to approximately 150 children and 80 adults. As guests of Bishop Matta Roham, a senior bishop in the Syriac Orthodox Church, these teachers are entirely responsible for devising the content of the course.

The programme contains a significant element of debate, encouraging the students to consider the views of others, to re-consider their own opinions and to try to champion both sides of an argument – all disciplines crucial to combating sectarian and extremist mentalities.

The community of Al-Hasakah is made up of many different ethnic groups and religious denominations and following the recent conflict in Iraq, it now also sustains a substantial number of Iraqi refugees. This ethnic and religious diversity has raised the importance of fostering mutual understanding and dialogue.

You get the opportunity to spend three incredible weeks in this community, contributing your own personality and expertise to a well-established English language programme.