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UPDATE: As will come as no surprise, LL have had to cancel this year’s project. Please keep your eyes and ears peeled for updates both about Syria and about LL in 2012.
Have a great summer!
Will & Ben

Levantine Links are recruiting right now to send a few high calibre graduates (or final year students) to teach a three-week English course in north-eastern Syria this summer.

In return, you’ll get daily Arabic tuition from a native speaker, free accommodation and the opportunity to learn about an ancient culture and a modern, Middle Eastern society.

You will also get a three-month development course in London, in the months leading up to your departure, including seminars on the history of Syria, an introduction to Arabic and general travelling tips.

While you will be the guests of the Syriac Orthodox Church and the multicultural community in which they operate, applicants are not required to have any particular religious denomination – or be religious at all.